tristantheb - Site Developer

  • Hello everyone,

    I am tristantheb, the developer of the Phasmophobia Randomizer website. My preferred languages are French and English, so it will be more difficult for me to communicate with you in other languages even if Deepl will help me a lot. I therefore advise you to speak to me mainly in English.

    I have been developing the randomizer website since October 28th, 2020 and I set up the web server on November 4th, 2020. I am alone in the development of this site, but I remain open to the contribution of randomizer users by their ideas or by the help that can be provided by those who know about development.

    You can ask all your questions on the forum about Phasmophobia and the Randomizer, I will be available to answer them when I am not on a tight enough development schedule.

    I wish you a good discussion on the Forum!

    Kind regards,


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