Ouija board - The phrases and how it works

  • How ouija boards work

    Ouija boards have a 33.3% chance of appearing in houses, which have defined and fixed spawn points. There can only be one in the visited place if it decides to appear.

    It can be used for :

    • Asking questions to the ghost
    • Take a picture of it to get $5
    • Validate a daily objective if you get an answer on the board

    When the ouija answers your questions, you can observe an activation of your EMF.

    Wrong answers

    When you start a game, the ghosts (no matter how difficult it is) will have a "set-up" phase where they do not attack, but can use their power (so the banshee can attack as soon as you enter the Professionals, it's her power). Using the ouija with a recognised phrase will have a 1 in 3 chance of ending this setup phase. What does this mean? Well it's open hunt for the ghost.

    This is easy to understand:

    • Your mental health will be reduced by 40%.
    • The lights flicker
    • The setup phase will end

    In 3 questions, you can finish at 0% mental health.

    Correct answers

    When you ask your questions, the square (previously lit) will start to move. The answer will be noted little by little on the square by the movement of the wooden puck.

    Your mental health will take a random reduction between 5 and 10% (ex: 80% -> 75%).

    Exception: The Demon doesn't make you lose mental health when he answers on the Ouija Board.

    Questions to ask

    • How old are you
    • What is your age
    • Are you old
    • Are you young
    • How long have you been dead
    • How many years ago did you die
    • How long have you been here
    • How long ago did you die
    • When did you die
    • Where are you
    • What is your favourite room
    • Where is your room
    • What is your room
    • Are you here
    • Are you close
    • Are there any spirits
    • Are you near
    • Are you around
    • How many are in this room
    • How many people are in this room
    • How many people are here
    • How many ghosts are in this room
    • How many ghosts are here
    • Are you alone
    • Are we alone
    • Who is here
    • Who is in this room
    • Who did you kill
    • Who is your victim
    • What is the name of the person you killed
    • What is the name of the person you murdered
    • What is your victim
    • Did you murder
    • Who did you murder
    • Who died

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