Official rules of Phasmophobia Randomizer forum

  • Official rules of Phasmophobia Randomizer forum

    1. Conduct to be followed on the forum

    1. Don't overuse bold and colour in your messages, keep messages legible in normal size. Everyone should be able to read your message.
    2. Don't abuse CAPITAL LETTERS, you don't need to shout to express yourself, leave it to the ghosts when they want to scare you.
    3. Be respectful towards other members of the forum, no insults, provocation, no settling of scores, or any other harmful behaviour.
    4. Never divulge your identity or that of another person, this information is personal and must remain so.
      • Your first name and date of birth are sufficient and authorised, as the birthday can be assigned on the profile. [You can hide the year of birth].
    5. Messages, images, and other media that may contain compromising, illegal, unlawful, aggressive, unsuitable for the age of the individuals in the forum, their sexual orientation, their disability, or any other behaviour intended to harm: a person, a group of people; will be punished.
      • No discussions about religions, no criticism of religions.
      • No criticism or insults about people's disabilities.
      • No criticism or debate about people's sexual orientations.
      • The various groups of "thinkers" who think they are superior or "protectors" have no say and will not have the last word. The heated debates generated by these minority groups only cause disputes, problems and wars.
      • Pornography, explicit images/videos of naked or completely naked men and women are prohibited.
    6. No distribution of Pirate content, Cracked Software, Hacked content or content that can Hack a user. This is not a forum for hacking or hacking/cybersecurity discussion.

    This forum is open for people from 13 years old (Pegi 12). These people are vulnerable to the tendencies that can be brought about by malicious people, social networks and militant "good thinking" groups. This forum is open to a large number of Phasmophobia players and Randomiser users. But it is by no means open for any of the behaviours listed above.

    The forum team will take all necessary measures to warn or sanction people who do not respect the rules.

    2. Posts and threads

    1. All threads must contain an explicit title to the subject that is being stated.
    2. All messages must be clear and respectful (see 1. Conduct to be followed on the forum).
    3. You must not make any voluntary advertisement for anything. Discord server sharing, site sharing, etc... is allowed, but it must not become advertising (ex: Come on my site... / It's better there go go go go...).
    4. You must respect the places in the forum to discuss, messages will be moved or deleted if necessary. The off-topic has no place on the threads of serious discussions.
    5. When a message is closed by moderation due to Non-compliance with the rules, it must not be recreated. This will simply and purely be considered as spam.
    6. Spam is forbidden, when you create a message, you must wait 24 hours before replying to it. Or simply wait for someone else to reply to your message. If you want to add things to your message, there is the Edit function.
    7. Opening the same topic in different sections/languages will be considered as abusive spam.

    3. User profiles

    1. You are in control of your profile and what you post there in your description, avatar image, and wall. But the entire rules and regulations apply to it. Users can report disrespectful profiles and moderators can sanction you.
    2. The wall of discussion of the profile is also subject to the above rules, the images, texts and media disseminated must be respectful.
    3. Private messages are not a means to settle your accounts, or to disseminate illegal content. If you do not respect the rules of the forum, you may lose the privilege of using the Conversation box.
    4. Your signature must remain clean and not exceed the rules of the forum. The images in your signatures are subject to a size regulation which is as follows: 280 pixels height for 700 pixels width. If you put an image that does not comply with the rules or the maximum recommended size, your signature will be deleted.

    4. The moderation team

    The moderation team is composed as follows:

    HierarchyGroup name
    Grand Chief of the communityCommunity Manager
    Head of the moderation teamSupers Moderators
    Forum and Discord ModeratorModerators

    These roles are assigned by recruitment to trusted people who are tested and who have learned to moderate.

    1. The decisions of the moderation team are not debatable. If you wish to complain about a moderator, you must refer the matter to the team Leader. And to a Community Manager to report a team leader.
    2. Moderators do not punish for nothing, and sanctions are monitored by the Administrators. They can double / triple your sanction if you abuse reports on moderators.
    3. The messages, threads, can be at any time closed to editing, closed to discussion, modified, or deleted in case of non-compliance of the forum by the members of the moderation. In these various cases :
      • A moderator will send a private message to the person who does not respect the rules OR the system will send a handwritten sanction message by the moderator.
      • If a topic is closed, the moderator will give the reason for the closing of the topic, these closures can be temporary or permanent. They are preceded by 1 to 2 warning messages.
      • Changed messages will have an edit note with the rule element that has not been complied with, and the user will receive a private message / warning.
      • Messages re-edited by the user to rewrite what has been removed by a moderator will cause the edit mode of the message to be blocked. Only the team will then be able to modify the message in question.
    4. If there is a problem in private messaging, know that the Administrators in the shadows see everything and know everything. The slightest link you've visited, the slightest profile you've looked at, the slightest message you've written. They will make decisions on this and will not hesitate to sanction or ask the moderators to sanction.
    5. You should not contact several moderators at the same time for the same problem. Use the reporting system as a priority, moderators will be notified of a new alert. This allows them to have a global follow-up of the forum's problems and to be able to act quickly. Do not contact several moderators in the same 24 hours, they will discuss among themselves and will know. You can be sanctioned for spam towards the team.

    5. Sanctions

    The team and the administrators may take various sanctions depending on the seriousness of the facts complained of. The forum also offers various systems to warn and sanction users or slow them down in their illegal actions.

    Here's what can happen to you:

    • Temporary blocking of the account
    • Permanent blocking of the account
    • Blocking the possibility of using an Avatar
    • Blocking the possibility to use a Cover Image
    • Blocking the possibility of using a Signature

    The forum uses a penalty point system and an expiration system. The latter allows for the allocation of sanctions to users and self-punishment of bad behaviour. This works as follows:

    • Each time you receive a system warning, it has a certain number of points, these points can be added to other warnings already received.
    • Warnings have an expiry date, if this is reached, the points do not accumulate. However, if the expiry date is not reached, the duration of the warning is increased and matches that of the new warning.
    • Each warning has a different expiration time. Repeating behaviour on a regular basis can make you more easily punishable for a long period of time.
    • As you accumulate more points, the more time you spend blocking your account.
    • There are strong sanctions that never expire. These special sanctions automatically offer a long ban.
    • You can be permanently banned at a certain number of points. Administrators will use a simpler method called ban hammer.

    The present rules and regulations may be subject to evolution or change, you will be informed when they are updated, but this does not prevent you from having to read and respect them. Complaints such as "I didn't know" are not valid.

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