The official links of Phasmophobia Randomizer

  • Dear Phasmophobia community,

    Here is a list of important links from the Phasmophobia Randomizer site presented in full.


    The phasmophobia randomizer site with the various game modes of the randomizer. Choose the desired game mode, enter the nickname of the players and make your draw!


    A little help? This tracker allows you to find the ghost during your investigation by assigning or rejecting clues according to your progress in the investigation. It is more powerful than the game diary and the ghosts' names give you information about their powers and weaknesses.

    Green background

    This quick little page is for you to stream them on Youtube/Twitch. To be integrated on OBS by a shot of your Browser (Window capture only), you just have to add a colour filter to remove the green background and have a nice integration on your Live!


    The community forum is there to allow you to get together between communities and discuss the game and the randomizer. It contains various tutorials about Phasmophobia and tips on how to easily succeed in the game. You can also find the Phasmophobia release notes in your language!


    You encounter a bug with the site? Do you want to know the progress of the updates? This is where it happens, on the site's Bug Tracker.


    If you want to be able to quickly chat with players or find a group, the Randomizer Discord is open to you for this. You will find there all the announcements made on the forum as well as the game and site update notes.


    In the somewhat post-apocalyptic world of Twitter, we post various messages and announcements about Phasmophobia and the Randomizer. We also sometimes put forward streamers who launch a little live on the Randomizer. ;)

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